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To unlock my full potential and all my abilities

That’s all I wanna know, all I wanna know

If you wanna share some negativity then you stay away from me

Cause I don't wanna know I don’t wanna know

I lived long enough to realize the difference

After a while it all makes sense

If we lived in a perfect world, her and I would be together

Ya never know what’ll happen next, so we might as well push for better



I said in a perfect world

There ain't no struggle to make it

Ain't no contemplating if you 

Got a life or should take it

I'm talking born with validation

We don't need to park it we skating

Momentum take us to every single nation

Meditation, preservation, eyes open feel well

Hesitation, violations, tell that fear farewell

We was born with a vision

We can see to the mission

Hit the target with precision

Ain't fazed by collisions



I'm more than a digit

I get digits in my mail

Boxed in no more

Never judged by my dreadlocks

Never on the feds clock

I ain't pushing bedrock

I ain't on a med lock 

Down by the river 

Ain't nobody trynna take my crown

Royal, squad loyal, don't foil

My soil, grown good

Walking thru my home hood

I ain't got a chrome 

We ain't living thru the phones

Sitting down in people's homes

Know the conversations long



I said in a perfect world

Everybody in they zone

Not stressing how to eat

Or take another person's bone

Ain't no feeling lonely

Just because you walk alone

And haters never get a say

Your day you set the tone


In a perfect world 

Ain't nobody ever stressing

Got appreciation

And they learn to count they blessings

Never see an L as a loss

But just a lesson

Or testing they destiny



Next to be the best that 

They could ever dream of

Ain't no facades or no limits 

It's what it seem cuz

No manipulation going on behind the screen 

Buzz in to my house

Come upstairs, you receive love

God working through my hands

Touch it, I don't need gloves

Travel ‘round the world meeting people that's just because

I got an itch and I won't fall to submission

I'm a world wide artist

Yeah they pay me commission


I'm talking worth, they recognize

And my skill, I exercise

So we build, collective pride

And instill mindsets

Like time checks

That keep us on our grind best

Never need no bullets, nine, vest

We get a check and we invest

And even second still the best

No colorism, no more sections

No segregation, connected

We elevating reading Revelations

On the scene for the King

We acknowledge creation 

In a perfect world

Ain't a such thing as complacent

I'm gone

By: Calm and Concise

Written by: Brian Montoya, Pragmatic

Produced by: Brian Montoya, SENA HERO

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