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The Origin of
Calm and Concise

Calm and Concise is a musical duo based in Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA. The band was formed by singer, Brian Montoya and rapper, Pragmatic in 2016 after meeting at Davidson College. Calm and Concise was created to emphasize unity and make music that would transcend time and demographic barriers. Although they both came from different musical backgrounds, they decided to take a chance and collaborate to see where their God given talents would take them.

Performing live and recording numerous records over the years has led them to craft and explore different sounds. Their debut single, “Alone,” was released in July of 2020. Calm and Concise’s synergy has allowed them to build a strong musical foundation and maintain their authenticity. By the end of 2020, they released two more singles, “That Wave” and “Perfect World.” Their releases in 2020 paved the direction of the band. Although they are based in different parts of North Carolina, distance has not hindered them from pursuing their professional aspirations. In April of 2021, Calm and Concise released a new single, “In Your Head,” along with an official music video that they produced and edited. Brian’s classic rock background and Pragmatic’s hip hop/rap background influenced their latest single, “Opportunity,” which was released on November 12, 2021.

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